American Clay & Field 12 Gauge


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Product Overview
Nothing that flies stands a chance against these dual purpose rounds, combining some of the best features of our world-champion target loads with a brand of hunting performance that’s filled more game bags than any other. Expect the densest, most consistent patterns possible, no matter the day’s pursuit. Featuring a premium STS primer, reloadable hull, our patented Power Piston wad and high-hardness lead shot, they deliver flawless performance and consistent patterning, whether your target is winged or clay.

High-hardness lead shot for consistent, tight patterns at all ranges
Remington Power Piston Wads cushion the shot charge for less deformation and more consistent velocities even in overbore barrels
All Brass STS Primer components – suitable for all shotguns, including high grade fixed breech firearms
Premium brass-plated steel caps and high strength plastic hulls for superior functional quality and reloadability

Gauge 12 Gauge
Shot Size 9
Muzzle Velocity 1200
Type Lead
Shot Charge Oz 1
Shotshell Length 2-3/4in. / 70mm
Density 11 g/cc
Package Quantity 25
Usage Target Shooting

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