Managed Recoil – Buckshot 12 Gauge


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Product Overview
When the biggest bucks somehow materialize out of nowhere you better be ready to make the most of it. Remington’s buckshot lets you shoot with the confidence once possible only with a rifle. The reasons for choosing Remington are numerous. Some say it’s unbeatable value. Regardless of the reason, we remain unwavering in our sprit of a legendary brand.
With less felt recoil than full velocity loads, Express Managed-Recoil Buckshot is an ideal close-range performer. Less recoil means second shot recovery is quicker, allowing the user to get back on target more easily. These new loads are built with the same precision of our standard 8-pellet 00 Buckshot loads and are buffered for dense patterns, allowing for highly effective performance at up to 40 yards.

Effective knock-down energy out to 40 yards
40% less felt recoil than full velocity buckshot loads
Buffered for dense patterns and highly effective close range performance

Gauge 12 Gauge
Shot Size 00 Buck
Muzzle Velocity 1200
Type Lead
Shotshell Length 2-3/4in. / 70mm
Package Quantity 5
Usage Big Game

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