Remington Universal Cleaning Kit All Calibers and Gauges


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Product Overview
This universal kit provides cleaning versatility for shotguns from 410 bore to 12/16 gauge, rifles from 17 to 45 calibers, and handguns from 22 to 45 calibers. Each kit includes a non-scratch, plastic-coated cleaning cable with a comfortable, easy-to-grasp Fast Snap T-handle for quick and easy attach and release, a bottle of Rem Oil, a bottle of Brite Bore carbon/copper/lead/plastic wad fouling solvent, and an assortment of bronze brushes, bore mops, patch loops, and patches. An easy-to-use bore light projects bright, white light for easy inspection of bores, chambers, and other hard-to-see areas.
Cleaning tools are organized in individual, zippered protective pouches labeled by firearm type to help make them easily recognizable. The compact, semi-soft carrying bag is made of durable, reinforced canvas and fits perfectly in your range bag or backpack.

All you need to clean any firearm (22 Cal to 12 Gauge)
Contains 38 pieces plus 75 patches
Flex Rod System with patented T-handle for quick adaptability
Cleaner and lubricant included

Weapon Type All Calibers and Gauges
Usage Gun Care

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